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Monday, September 18, 2017

Apple is taking a big risk with the information of its users

Apple, as a successful company that is today and since a few years after its creation, has a large audience behind , a huge community that only hopes for the best part of the block and we must say that almost always, if not always, has been like this.
Recently we saw how the advertisers complained that Safari ads were removed directly regardless of whether or not we had an advertising blocker, but it seems that the news that Apple as a company is taking a huge risk with the information of their users in play. This is largely due to poor implementation of privacy laws .

Posible problems

Security and passwords, photo edited with Mextures
It is curious that privacy, something that goes hand in hand with security, is putting Apple in serious trouble, especially considering that all its products and operating systems are reputed to be safe, but it seems that a group of university students have found several weaknesses in the walls of the Cupertino company and see possible leaks of information if someone with malicious ideas 
This is a big problem for the California firm as such. It is true that all patents and other leaks of new Apple products have appeared without the company giving its consent, but this is to reach a step further. If the apple did not wake up and fix this problem, they could go from losing several million users to something as big as going bankrupt.
Does Apple neglect security?
To understand it in a simpler way: iOS 10, an operating system for iPad and iPhone, has more security measures than macOS , a software intended for computers both portable and Apple desks, strange right? It's better for the Cupertino company to pick up and fix this soon.

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