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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Apple raises the price of certain iPad silently

After yesterday's Keynote , Apple's price review continues to boom, after opening the Apple Store again to show the new products that were presented yesterday, also changed some prices of some iPad. This obviously was not announced in Keynote because the publicity that would give would be quite negative, but this does not mean that they put it in the Apple Store to see if nobody notices, but the most alert have announced this price increase in social networks .
A few weeks ago, the digital fee was responsible for a slight increase in the price of the devices , because this tax Apple decided to pay the user and did not take over, like other companies like Samsung.

Why is this price rise on the iPad?

Everything obviously has a "logical" explanation, although we must always see what the vision of the opinion is going to say, because this note is going to bring harsh criticism to the company.
10.5-Inch iPad Pro
10.5-Inch iPad Pro
The reason for the price increase is due to flash memories that are suffering an increase in demand  and this causes, as indicated by the "law of supply and demand", the price of these memories is increased and therefore we note all users. Although the price of manufacture of the iPad is much lower than the cost to which we receive it, it seems that Apple does not want their profits to decrease slightly and maintain their prices. The company knows that Apple's model user will pay a little more for these devices.
The iPad that have seen their prices modified are as follows:
  • iPad Pro of 10.5 "with storage of 256 GB passes from a price of 832.81 € to 899 €.
  • iPad Pro of 10.5 "with storage of 512 GB goes from a price of 1052.81 € to 1119 €.
  • iPad Pro of 12.9 "with storage of 256 GB passes from a price of € 1002.81 to € 1069.
  • iPad Pro of 12.9 "with storage of 512 GB passes from a price of 1222.81 € to 1289 €.
Visually, they have used to round all prices, which were left with decimals after applying the digital canon.

Like any demand, there will come a time when it will stabilize again, after this device boom, and we expect them to be so quick to lower prices as well as up. Leave us in the box of comments everything you think about it.

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