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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Apple responds to Safari 11 criticism: people have a right to privacy

Apple has recently implemented a new update to Safari, the eleventh , making it clear that the purpose of this release is to completely block some malicious pages or other content that annoys us all more than once when we try to download or see something. After doing this, a large public, including many developers and web designers, have criticized the apple for having made such a browser.

The Importance of Privacy for Apple

It seems that the Cupertino company has not been able to take these criticisms in a constructive way and have responded to all these people who are responsible for the ads and other advertising that comes out on our computer even though we have some blocker. Apple's response has been clear and concise: our users have a right to privacy.
Since always, and in most of the products of this brand, the first thing in which both the workers and the Californian firm think in itself is in the security of the one that will count the user once it has its hands the object or software in question . Moreover, without going further, Mac OS and among other things Safari, have always stood out for the privacy they offer to the surfer.
You sound that message that always appears to you when entering a website that says: "when entering our page you have accepted the cookies and terms", that is basically what makes your advertising blocker can not delete the one of this web, because the new Safari only detects such a system and eliminates it by negatively affecting the site in question , but facilitating reading and other tasks to the user.
Changes to Apple's Privacy Policy

We can fully understand that website developers are outraged by this decision from Apple, but we also have to keep in mind that these pages do not add anything to the apple and worsen the experience of its users , so the California firm has taken action.

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