Apple says developer accounts in Russia is due to a bug and not a hacker - NewCydiaTweaks


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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Apple says developer accounts in Russia is due to a bug and not a hacker

Recently and as we could tell in NewCydiaTweaks, our dear apple has left ready to download the tenth beta of iOS 11 , and yes, you will be wondering why they are taking so slowly, because we do not know either. The issue is that the developer version is downloaded from the developer center, but no one could enter unless it lived in Russia and at first was believed to be a hacker of this country, but nothing the apple has said is a bug and calm the panic.


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It is clear that the first thing that happens to someone in the head to hear that a computer hacker from a country located in Eastern Europe is that their data will come to light, their bank credentials and more personal information, something that no one would ever want, but thanks to God Apple gave a statement nothing else they realized explaining what happened.
Basically they have said that they have had a problem or bug related to what would be the Apple Developer website and that the address of the user trying to enter was incorrectly showing that it was in Russia, and of course, after everything that has happened with Donald Trump and the Russian hackers who got classified information from Hilary Clinton, because then it's normal for people to start speculating and get worse, but fortunately that's not the case.
They also make it clear at all times that there is no data of any exposed users and that there is also no leak in security , everything was a mistake due to the code of the web itself and everything was resolved quickly, although of course, something of these dimensions makes anyone nervous and more aware of all the leaks that Apple has had the iPhone 8 before they themselves reported some data of the terminal in question.
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So do not worry, all your information is completely safe . There are only 5 days left for the iPhone 8 to come into our lives, being anyway the most expensive smartphone in history seems to have enough people expectant.

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