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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Apple stops selling the Apple Watch belt with the colors of Pride

We all remember the strap that Apple sold as a complement to Apple Watch in honor of the day of homosexual pride , it carried the colors characteristic of this event in question. The apple is well known not only for its great products which come to change entire industries and technologies thanks to innovation , but also because of its proximity to its public, a clear example of this is the 2 million donated to disaster victims natural and others.

Until next year

It seems that the California firm has stopped manufacturing or selling such an accessory for its smartwatch , it is true that there are many options to this, but of course none will have the same quality as the official Apple.
This complement for the smart clock in question has been used for more than a year by Apple to celebrate this event, but did not start being something that they sold to the public, but gave to their employees and seeing the success that this had between they made the big decision to create an entire assembly line and sell them to the public.
They brought great benefits, and as we have said something above, Apple takes its most compassionate and generous side in these cases donating a large percentage for beneficial causes. That's right, the most billing company in the United States and the one that can become the first to tread on the trillion dollars as stock value makes donations with motives that have nothing to do with the benefit of the brand itself and yet that's where they are.
The main reason why Apple has decided to stop selling these straps or accessories for the Apple Watch is because the output of the iPhone X has come with an update of the add-ons of this type , including this, which is no longer available for purchase.

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