Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Apple Watch 3 calls do not work

Today we talk about problems and this time they have been one of the most awaited gadgets by the public. The expected changes of Apple Watch have already arrived, however, the Californian company is officially admitting that the function that LTE connectivity is not working properly , since the signal is sometimes not quite stable.
Come on, the LTE capability of _wearable: works fine ... when it works. The clock does not transfer your Wi-Fi data connection to LTE very well and attempts to connect to other Wi-Fi networks even if they are not authorized and have limited connectivity. And if we join that the 4G feature will not be in 2017 in Spain , the cocktail is a strange taste.
We have discovered that when Apple Watch Series 3 joins unauthenticated Wi-Fi networks without connectivity, it can sometimes prevent the watch from using LTE networks ," Apple said in a statement. We are investigating a solution for a future software release ."
This statement does not seem to make much sense, to tell you the truth. Nor can one understand how an attractive object can be thrown to the market if the tests have not been completely satisfactory .
Apart from an improvement in the processor, the new Apple clock is oriented on the mobility feature , and that function is none other than LTE connectivity. The company has launched a powerful marketing campaign invoking the ability to get rid of your phone while listening to your favorite music and see important notifications on your wrist.
But if the software can not keep that promise on launch day, Apple is going to have a serious problem on its hands. Wishing we are seeing how you will solve. Reminds us of the 2010 iPhone 4 antenagate case .
Have you ordered your Apple Watch Series 3? Are you afraid that your model will give this problem? All this and much more await you in comments . See you in the next post.
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