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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Apple Watch 3 vs. Apple Watch 2 and Apple Watch: Comparative

With the arrival of the new Apple Watch 3 surely many questions arise about if it is worth and more knowing that we can still buy the Apple Watch Series 1 . Unfortunately, Apple has decided to remove the second generation of these devices from its web, but we can always get a second hand if we are interested.
You can be sure that Apple has eliminated the Apple Watch Series 2 so that it does not compete with the new generation of the device . Many were waiting for the launch of this new device due to the price drop of the second generation, now they should look for it second hand or in some store that still has stock. Of course, without waiting for a price drop too large since this is no longer manufactured and will start to become scarce .

Comparison between different models

Perhaps many expected to get an Apple Watch Series 2 due to the few improvements that incorporates the new generation of this. However, these improvements will make the device last for several more years . It is best that you see the comparison between these watches and decide yourself.
Apple WatchSeries 138/42€ 269 / € 299
Apple WatchSeries 238/42Not for sale
Apple WatchSeries 3 GPS38/42€ 369 / € 399
Apple Watch Nike +Series 3 GPS38/42€ 369 / € 399
Apple WatchSeries 3 GPS + 4G38/42Not for sale in Spain (for the moment)
Apple Watch Nike +Series 3 GPS + 4G38/42Not for sale in Spain (for the moment)
Apple Watch HermèsSeries 3 GPS + 4G38/42Not for sale in Spain (for the moment)
Apple Watch EditionSeries 3 GPS + 4G38/42Not for sale in Spain (for the moment)

Although the 4G version of the moment we are not going to see it in Spain, it can be expected to cost around € 429 with the 38mm case. ¿ Which brings improvements Apple Watch Series 3 of the 4G ? If we compare it with the first generation of this many, the truth. Including water resistance , faster processor, GPS ... The thing changes a bit if the comparison is made with the second generation.
If we compare this new device with the Series 2, practically only we will see improved the processor (in case we do not buy the version 4G) . Of course, it also integrates improvements in its speakers and microphones that make the interaction with Siri and the quality of the calls much better, an improved battery that allows more hours of use and 50 meters of resistance under water.
There are more improvements inside the device than it seems and maybe they are the reason to get this instead of looking for your previous generation second hand. The Apple Watch 3 has a lot to offer, plus an extra time for support updates from Apple.
In conclusion, if you do not mind that it is water resistant and is not excessively fast, you certainly go for the first generation. If you think you're going to give it more intensive use and take advantage of its new features , get yourself with Series 3. And if you want to save a little more and you do not care that Siri does not answer you talking, you should look for Series 2.

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