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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Can the iPhone 8 lock button be able to perform functions of the Home button?

The way we call Siri when we need him to support us in some task could change with the arrival of the new iPhone 8 or Edition. According to a new rumor that has just arrived - just a week after the most anticipated terminal of the year - this could use the lock button to invoke Siri instead of the Home button, which will no longer be present in the new device.
This possibility has been revealed in the Twitter account of programmer Guilherme Rambo, who previously invited his users to the question "What would happen if the lock button became the Home button ?," then said: "I found a new gesture to summon Siri by pressing the lock button. "
What if the lock button becomes the home button? ðŸ¤”

Could the iPhone Edition lock button be the new Home button?

If this option is true, users who prefer to call Siri through the Home button will have to change the key and get used to the lock button or start using the "Hey Siri" function, which activates the wizard by voice.
Although at the moment Rambo has not revealed where he got the information, his statement at least have the benefit of the doubt, since it would not be the first time the computer scientist with information on Apple products. Before. has worked with tools that we have already seen on the 4K Apple TV, HomePod and many more iPhone 8 that we are only a few days to discover.

The iPhone 8 is waiting for us on September 12th.

The anxiety of the followers of the company of Cupertino at least has been diminished with the official announcement of the keynote by the presentation of the iPhone 8, in which a third generation of the Apple Watch is also expected the renewal of the Air Pods and some other variant of Mac.

In addition, the event will premiere the Steve Jobs Theater, part of the attractions of the Apple Park.

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