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Friday, September 8, 2017

Can we do Jailbreak on our iPhone 8 with iOS 11?

There are many who ask us today whether they can jailbreak a terminal with iOS 11 or any other version of the operating system . It is true that it has fallen in recent years because iOS has taken leaps and bounds in improving its functionalities. Without going any further, people do include Cydia on their device by including a button to turn data on and off from the control center and has already been included in iOS 11.
Jailbreak iOS 11
Although the Jailbreak is in decline, it does not mean that people have decided to forget it . That is why the developers of these tools to do the Jailbreak do not cease their work as they are Saurik and the well-known application Cydia.

There may be jailbreak, but not until iOS 11 comes out

Since the middle  have posted an article where they have stated that the Jailbreak is available from the first beta of iOS 11 , although obviously, Apple beta after beta has closed the doors with every new firmware they release. They claim that this has happened in all versions of iOS.
It was KeenLab that created successfully and showed on YouTube a Jailbreak of iOS 11 and iOS 10.3.2. This made all the lovers of Cyidia could have hope that the latest version of iOS would have this Jailbreak.
Although, they are not going to release it, they must wait for the final version of iOS 11, although they have already ensured that the Jailbreak is ready to be released for these versions, although they must wait yet to see the final version and avoid the boys of Cupertino will be thrown down with another update. It is very possible that before the end of the year we finally see Cydia on our iPhone 8.
Are you a Cydia lover and all the functionalities that would give us in our mobile terminal? Leave us in the box of comments everything you think.

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