Friday, September 15, 2017

Children under 13 should not use Face ID according to Apple

Face ID, the new functionality in the iPhone X that will end up dethroning the Touch ID to unlock your terminal or certain applications or even make various purchases authenticating our identity with our face. Although this has left all Apple users very happy (although dubious of its operation until we prove it), it seems that smaller Apple users will not be able to use this technology. This is what Apple said in an update to the Apple Store developer guide that shows the instructions for Face ID to have optimum performance and good quality ARKit applications.

These are Apple's recommendations for using ARKit and Face ID

The updated App Store guides have been updated, announced by Paul Hudson . These new recommendations urge developers to develop applications based on quality ARKit, so as not to "flood" the App Store with very simple applications that only show an object on top of a platform. Apple wants an App Store of quality and that is why it asks developers to work to the height.
Features Face ID in Keynote
Features Face ID in Keynote
Also, developers are advised that in applications they create an alternative method to Face ID, because children under 13 should not use this unlock system. The reasons are not clear, since from Cupertino no information has been given about it. But from my point of view, I bet on the physical change that teenagers suffer at this age that can end up making Face ID not work quite well. Although I repeat, this is not official , it is only my humble opinion. I hope yours in the comment box because Face ID is not recommended for children under 13 years.
Also, Apple has taken advantage of today that they have completed the conditions of use of the App Store for developers, to clarify that the applications of virus tracking are totally prohibited, since they only deceive, since there is no way to do it. They have also made it very clear that it was very obvious, and it is the development of applications that are based on human trafficking. 
Leave us in the box of comments everything you think about these clarifications that Apple made in the App Store. And do not forget to participate in the contest that we have open on our YouTube channel.

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