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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Craig Federighi says Face ID is the future of biometric technology

Of course the protagonist of last Tuesday was the iPhone X, but there are many parts of this terminal in question that many of us can not see or differentiate from what smartphones have today. Craig Federighi, in charge of numerous departments at Apple such as Siri, has said that Face ID is the future of biometric technology and that doubts about it will disappear completely once the model X goes on sale.

A clear step forward

How Face ID works
As we have explained more than once, it may seem that the terminal we speak has a price higher than its value, but clearly not. The iPhone X has some features that we have never seen on a smartphone , but of course, we could say that the classic iPhone history is repeated, that milestone recently fulfilled the ten years , which many companies destined to failure from the first day and we can already see how correct was his decision.
Among all the mobile phone specifications of the apple we can find things that draw attention to anyone, a clear example of this is the wireless charge , but what has caught the attention of everyone is without a doubt the Face ID .
There are too many doubts about this feature in question, the largest of all the high-rested Apple mentioned above, saying that a percentage of the very small sunglasses did not let pass enough lightso that the face recognition mechanism of the iPhone came to work.
Face ID
Craig also talked about the future of biometric technology, making it clear that Face ID is a step in the right direction for innovation and evolution of this section of technology . Undoubtedly the iPhone X is worth its price, it depends on whether people know the reason or not, but as a rule Apple products are worth their corresponding cost .

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