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Friday, September 29, 2017

Design web pages from your Mac without knowing anything about code

Nowadays having a website is vital if we want to make ourselves known, but making it attractive and easy to understand is something else. Fortunately we found applications like Blocs, designed for our Mac in the purest style of Apple.
Simply download the application and choose some of the templates that we offer or directly start ours from scratch. The particularity of Blocs is that we just have to drag and drop , we do not need to enter any code.
The web pages that we can realize are already optimized for PC / Mac, tablet and smartphones, which, with a single design will already be adapted to any electronic device.

Simple view, simple work, like in Apple

Bloc 2 Web MacBook
When we install Blocs on our Mac, a very light work center appears, where we practically have all the necessary tools to unleash our imagination, but only the right ones, without adding anything that would not serve us anything.
A blank canvas that will be where we will work immediately and at the same time represents the final result of our website. The sections are separated by blocks, so it is easier to focus on the page that we want to create.
It's a totally different concept to what we're used to seeing lately, where you do not need to install plugins or installations that would require a higher level. Here we just have to have a basic idea and go dragging and dropping objects. As simple as that.
Blocs is a very interesting way to make web pages with content that they love , with many effects and a fairly fast load. The best thing is that it does not need subscription, it is a unique purchase, where now we can get it to -50% discount.

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