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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Disney is the only one that has not signed an agreement to broadcast 4K movies with Apple TV

As much as it is said that the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and model X have been the protagonists of the event that we could witness yesterday, it is also true that Apple has presented us with many more things and news than the terminal just mentioned, a clear One example of this is the Apple TV in 4K definition , but what is more shocking is that Disney is the only major brand of cinema that has not signed the agreement to adapt their films to 4K for the Apple TV.

Disney and Apple do not reach an agreement?

disney clips
This does not fit anyone, because a fact that many know and many others is not that Steve Jobs left Apple at a particular point in the history of the company, returning later to the company to resume his career as CEO of the apple until some time before his death, but during that time Steve did what we know today as Pixar , indeed , the film studio has a plaque in his honor.
At this point we are all in a situation and it is difficult to understand why Apple, founded by Steve Jobs that helped Pixar to be what it is today, has not reached an agreement with Disney specifically to broadcast the films of this famous name in 4K through the Apple TV.
It should also be noted that Disney was the first to sell the film rights to the block so that it could put them on sale on iTunes many years ago, but not only feature films, but also series and other shows for children which the film studio founded by Walt Disney produces.
Steve Jobs not only made history with Apple, but also with Pixar
Anyway, aside from Disney, big companies like Sony or Century Fox have signed the agreement with the Cupertino company to be able to step forward and allow us to watch the films of these two great creators of film content in 4K.

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