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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Do you know all the meanings of the "i" that precedes Apple products?

If we do the exercise of imagining what common things Apple products have, many answers arise that relate to their external characteristics or to their operating system and surely many of those answers would be correct. However, there is another feature that can be seen with the naked eye on iPod, iPhone, iMac, iPad ... yes the prefix "i."
Of course, this letter that prefers the name of several of Apple devices has a meaning that you may know if you are a devoted follower of the brand, or maybe not. Do you dare to discover it?
iphone SE compatible with ARkit

Why the i prefix is ​​used to name the iPhone, iPad and iMac ...

Let's go back to 1998, the first time the vowel was used in the name of some product made by the Cupertino boys. Thus, it was in the presentation of iMac when Stve Jobs himself explained that the name of this computer came:
... of the union of the emotion that the Internet provides with the simplicity of the Macintosh. That is what we want to offer consumers who tell us that they want a computer to access the Internet simply and quickly.
But not everything stayed on the Internet. In the same presentation Jobs showed a slide explaining the other meanings of the "i" and how it welcomed other words important to Apple, which were summarized in: individual, instruct, inform and inspire.
i of Apple products
Later, the prefix was applied to baptize the mythical iPod that turned the history of Apple, although the first version did not allow connectivity to the network. But, shortly after the same letter fell like a ring finger to baptize the iPhone, being one of its key features Internet access
Thus the "i," is recognized as a hallmark of the Apple brand and its first products with some kind of embedded connectivity.

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