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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Everything we know about iPhone 8: Name, launch and price

It's only a week before we see all that Apple has prepared for us in a special event on September 12th . So it would be interesting to take a look at everything we know about the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 7s (how we've been seeing it so far)
We are going to inquire about what price they could have, which names with more force of weight are shuffled and the date of the possible launch.
This year is expected to be a unique and historic event for all it represents. From the opening of the Steve Jobs Theater to the tenth anniversary of the iPhone to the generation's jump.

Name chosen on the tenth anniversary of the iPhone

Steve Jobs (right) next to Jonathan Ive (left)
During all this time has been shuffling with two possible names, the iPhone 7s and the iPhone 8. But lately there have been many rumors that have some logic , where some third-party manufacturers claim to know firsthand the definitive name of the new iPhone.
  • iPhone X (pronounced " iPhone ten ")
  • iPhone 8 (known to date today as 7s)
  • iPhone 8 Plus  (known to date today as 7s Plus)
The most surprising name is the iPhone X , until a few days ago, there was a lot of "noise" with iPhone Edition. But looking at it carefully, it may have its logic.
We already have an iPhone Special Edition, where Apple "recycles" earlier models of Apple to please a sector of users who prefer smaller screens. So that "Special Edition" name does not fit into this new OLED display device.
iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, or what is the same, the 7 and 7s that we all imagined. There is a lot of sense here, let's take a closer look. If Apple wants to surprise, it has to do it in every way, nothing better than a generational leap . Leave behind this year the "S" series and increase the nomenclature to 8 .
If we think about it, it does not make much sense to launch an iPhone with many new features and a somewhat improved version of the iPhone 7. So even if we find an iPhone similar to the 7s in terms of design , at least that number jump will make us think that we are actually in a new and non-continuity device.

Prices and capacity

iPhone 7 Plus - Price Spain
This information seems to be a leak, at least so says Benjamin Geskin, who this year has become one of the focus of attention in the world of rumorology Apple.
The prices that he affirms, would be the following:
  • 64GB iPhone X: $ 999 
  • 256GB iPhone X: $ 1099
  • iPhone X 512 GB: $ 1199
These would be the prices in the United States, here in Spain (as in other countries), we must add the appropriate taxes. So effectively, the starting price in Spain of the iPhone X would exceed 1000 euros.
Unless Apple set the price so that they stay at 999 euros base price (already with taxes included) and thus not overcome the psychological barrier of 1000 euros.
We recall that the starting price of the iPhone 7 Plus of 32 GB is at 769 dollars and  910.33 euros in Spain.

Release date

Before giving you a specific date in which several analysts bet, it should be noted that the new iPhone X would be very limited in the first weeks , with a stock lower than normal for those release dates.
It will be very difficult to get one in the first few days, there could even be delays similar to those that we find with the AirPods. At least, that point some sources close to Apple.
As we have learned, reservations will be enabled on September 15 , where we would have the official delivery the following Friday, September 22 .

Spain and Mexico have already participated in the first wave of deliveries in previous releases, but we still do not know for sure if this year we will have the pleasure of being in the first week of delivery. Although there are many chances that it will be .

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