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Monday, September 11, 2017

Facebook is fined by Spain for using your personal data

The social network Facebook has been fined in Spain and must pay 1.2 million eurosfor not respecting the laws of privacy in relation to its users.
Facebook has violated a series of laws designed to protect the information and privacy of users on three occasions, as reported by the authorities of Spain.
Mark Zuckerberg's social network did not properly inform users about how their data could be used for profit . Facebook has employed details of millions of people in Spain.

Facebook will have to pay 1.2 million euros

The personal data that Facebook has illegally collected belong to ideologies, sex, personal interests, navigation habits and religious beliefs . In addition, as previously mentioned, these private data have been used for profit. That is, Facebook used this information for advertising your social network.
In fact, it appears that Facebook has also tracked the visits of users who had not been registered in the social network with the use of cookies.
But the thing does not end here, according to research Facebook has infringed the rights of Spanish citizens by storing the details of accounts deleted for more than 17 months . So, Facebook has been accused of using generic terms and not very clear in its complicated privacy policy.
Mark Zuckerberg's social network has already been investigated in other European countries such as Germany, Belgium, France and the Netherlands.
Since Facebook have not yet wanted to comment on it, but the company is likely to choose to file an appeal . As we are informed from ADSL Zone , the social network has not only been fined for collecting the privacy data of its users, but also for informing them about it in an incorrect way.

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