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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Foxconn expects to have a very good profit by the great demand of the iPhone 8

This will be a very good fiscal year for Apple with the launch of the new iPhone, but will not be the only company that is rubbing hands before the imminent arrival of the iPhone 8. Foxconn will be a big beneficiary with the sales of the new device Manzana.
Not only the units sold, but also the components needed to assemble the new smartphone, where other companies participating in the assembly of the same, will generate high revenues.
Components such as NAND flash memory manufactured by Toshiba or Samsungwill also raise profits for the respective companies. The same happens with the OLED screens in the more expensive model, where these will require a NOR Flash chip with dependence of Winbond or Macronix.

All companies benefited by the iPhone 8

Tim Cook with employees of Foxconn
Tim Cook with employees of Foxconn
Each output of a new Apple product is always synonymous with economic abundance in the companies that are part of the assembly. But this time , record sales are expected .
The culprit is the iPhone 8 , a device that will mark a before and after. A generational jump expected by many, where we will have important news as the removal of the Home button or the reduction of lateral, upper and lower frames.
Every new detail requires the highest technology, where Apple and Foxconn have to invest in new companies able to solve the engineering problems that Apple requires for their devices.
This translates into an improved user experience for us, the users , even though we have to break the bank. But let's not forget that it is a device that we use every day and most of the time. So all the improvements included, will be very welcome.

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