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Friday, September 29, 2017

Google Drive integrates into iOS 11 Files in its latest update

IOS 11 files receive Google Drive with open arms. Now we have a perfect synchronization between iOS 11 and the Files application . Also, thanks to the Google suite, we can edit our documents.
Google says that in this new update, we can easily access all our documents, where we can also modify and edit them thanks to the services Google offers in iOS. For example, spreadsheets, text documents or even a presentation.
Thanks to this we have the possibility to modify any file that we have in Google Drive or directly from files. With that, it gives us a plus in our mobility management.

Google Drive and iOS Files 11

Little by little cloud service applications are being integrated into iOS 11 with Archives. This means that we will have all of our files in one application and we have the opportunity to integrate them into third party applications.
Yesterday we discussed how the Spreaker application also offered the possibility of choosing audio files directly from the iOS 11 Files application. Thanks to this it is not necessary to synchronize the audio files from a Mac or from the web version.
The integration of Google Drive in iOS 11 Files allows us something similar, to manage our "clouds" in one place and also modify our documents. If we install Google Drive in iOS 11, we will see as in Files we have a notification where we will notice that we have "More locations" .
With the latest Drive application installed, you can easily access and manage documents and photos stored in Drive simply by opening the Files application on your iOS device. If you have Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides applications installed, clicking on any Google Docs, Spreadsheets, or Slides in the Files application opens the associated Google Publisher application. You can also take advantage of the new iOS 11 features, such as dragging and dropping files between applications and folders in the file application.

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