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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Guide for understanding how the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth buttons actually work in the Control Center

Yesterday we told you about a behavior change of the buttons that activate or deactivate the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radio in the Control Center . Until now, those buttons turned them off or on, but in iOS 11, they no longer turn them off ... they only disconnect the connections temporarily. If you want to permanently shut down, you should go to the Settings App and use the corresponding controls. However, there is another way to do the same from the Control Center , without having to enter the Adjustments App.
To find out how it's done, it's important to understand what Wi-Fi and Bluetooth icons mean in the Control Center, because they have three states , when most of us thought until now that they had only two ( on and off ).

Switched on

This is the easiest state to understand - they simply appear as on, and that means the radios are working and the Wi-Fi will connect to the first known network that has registered. The Bluetooth will connect any accessory, such as AirPods or any other pair of wireless headsets, watches, Apple Watch, Apple Pencil etc - automatically.
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth button disconnected

Disconnected (not off ...)

Here things start to get complicated. As explained above, by pressing directly on each of the buttons, the active connections are deactivated. The buttons indicate it, Offline .
Connected Wi-Fi & Bluetooth button
However, the radios remain active . AirPods or Apple Watch, connected.

Completely off (what everyone expected so far)

If we activate the Airplane mode, we will see that all cellular radios, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, are disconnected ... and in addition, a line that crosses the icons appears . Now, the radios are off ... and without entering the Adjustments App. The AirPods are disconnected, the Apple Watch also, the Apple Pencil stops working if you do it on an iPad ... there is no radio signal of any kind. This is the behavior that the system has had up to iOS 10, and that with iOS 11 has changed.
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth button off
Now that we all know how we can turn off the radios quickly and really, probably many see with better eyes this functionality that initially seemed a bug in the eyes of many users.

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