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Sunday, September 3, 2017

High Sierra's ninth beta for developers is now available

For several months now we have been able to see the arrival of the new operating system that will be present on all Apple computers, both MacBook laptops and iMac desks. This new software has been in the beta phase for developers for several months and more recently the general public, the ninth test phase of the developer version is now available, which is dedicated to more experienced users who are dedicated to find the errors that this new system has.

Improvements, improvements and more improvements

High Sierra background
As with all previous updates, the new developer beta phase can be downloaded and fetched from the Apple developer center or Apple developer center. It can also be purchased thanks to an update mechanism in the Mac App Store.
We have always said that High Sierra is an improved version of its previous software, this is due to all the improvements that we offer both in the graphical section and optimization, that is, if already the operating systems of Apple have good reputation for being the most fluid and the least problems give when having several tasks open at the same time, in the new macOS this will look even smaller .
Of course, this is not all good news for the average user of Mac since, as we saw recently, Microsoft has stopped programming its highly acclaimed Office software , which is used by a large part of the working sector to work, in operating systems of the apple, but you do not have to worry about anything since Apple has its own programs with the same functions as this one.
Family sharing macOS High Sierra
The quintessential Apple browser has also been improved in the fluidity as we mentioned something above, will have more speed in which to processes that depend on the software itself and not the internet is concerned . If you are a user and you are thinking of upgrading to High Sierra you may like to know that there are more than 30 hidden features that can become really useful if given the corresponding use.

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