Sunday, September 10, 2017

How did iOS 11 GM leaked, was it an Apple bug?

We've been seeing all sorts of leaks of what Apple was prepared to present next Tuesday, and it will also, we suppose, be as if nothing had happened .
Now that we know virtually everything Apple will tell us about that new iPhone X in which the screen occupies the whole front, everyone is talking about these things but almost no one asks, how is it possible that iOS 11 GM, version final without anything censored , has been filtered five days before the presentation?
We know that the source of all that information comes from developers and bloggers who have reviewed that version of iOS 11 Golden Master that they could lay their hands on. The question really is, how did they get it? - The answer is easy. Someone sent them . It did not send the compressed files with the whole operating system, but they sent download links from the servers of Apple . That download URL is very long, with an alphanumeric code impossible to learn from memory, because it has tens of characters. What has obviously happened is that someone at Apple has sent it to MacRumors and 9to5Mac. These websites, in turn, were sent to Guilherme Rambo and Steven Troughton Smith , the two developers who also got a version of iOS 11.0.2 aimed at HomePod , which in theory only Apple employees who have this speaker with Siri incorporated should have been able to download. But the important thing is that the way you've filtered an unedited version of iOS with unannounced product details has been exactly the same : Apple's servers. In that case, Apple itself unveiled the link, by mistake, in the developer portal. In the case of the Golden Master iOS 11, that link was sent by someone inside the Apple itself ... probably an employee with a desire to harm the company .
Comparative image of the model of the iPhone 8 / Edition with all the other models of iPhone
Before many think ... no, the probability that this leak has been intentional is very low, if not non-existent . Tim Cook, will be very upset this weekend, no doubt. Someone with the link in Apple, decided to dynamite the presentation of the most important iPhone of the company sending all the information of the same contained in iOS 11 to webs that knew that they would publish all the information before the event. We know virtually everything about the new iPhone all over the screen , and Apple has not yet said an official word about it. This can not be intentional. Yes he is very malicious, by someone within the company. Simply put, among the leaks in the production chain of the new iPhone in Asia and those of the company itself, have shattered all the surprise and anticipation of the most important event of the company in the last ten years .
Now, what can Apple do to prevent this from happening? - very simpleDo not hang unedited versions of iOS on URLs accessible from outside your offices. Indeed, it is necessary to hang all iOS versions of the same servers because the installation process depends on that ... it would be difficult to install them locally, though not impossible, using iTunes. But probably tens but hundreds of people install it on Apple to work with them on office iPhones (including the new iPhone X) before anyone else sees them, doing everything locally would greatly slow down the entire ongoing process of installation, testing, recompilation , re-installation etc. That's why they have to be where they are, with those URLs that anyone today can access if known, even if they are not linked anywhere else.
Aniemojis from iOS 11
So the only way to fix this kind of leaks is by enabling a firewall that limits connections to certain URLs to IP addresses of Apple offices . Only if the iPhone that wants to install accesses from a connection in the offices of Apple, access is allowed. Otherwise, it is prohibited. This would make it much more difficult (though not impossible) to get those files out of the company. It is one of the steps that could follow ... that, or install versions of iOS tests always locally, via iTunes.
In any case, this leak, has been arguably the largest Apple has had in all its history, perhaps only comparable to that iPhone 4 that an employee of Apple forgot in a brewery to drink more than the account. On that occasion it was a human failure, which can happen because well ... those who work at Apple are also people who are wrong, like everyone else. But this leak of iOS 11 GM could have been avoided with a little more zealin their access from the outside. This is Apple's fault. They had a board of directors (which ironically was also leaked) to try to secure more things and avoid leaks, and the result has been the greater volume of leaks, often from their own offices, in the company's history . It is clear that Cook has to do something to change things in this regard.
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