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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

How do I get free internet on my LTE iPad Pro

When buying an iPad, we have many questions about the model, the capacity or the screen size. But we rarely have any doubts about whether to buy the WiFi or WiFi + LTE version .
In my case, I decided on a Pro iPad of 12.9 "LTE. After testing for several months the iPad Pro 9.7 "WiFi and check the shortcomings that I assumed. Especially to have it as main equipment , leaving aside the MacBook Pro.
Having an iPad Pro LTE, offers you the possibility of not having to be sharing the Internet with the iPhone or look for a WiFi signal. This results in battery saving and avoid carrying one more device.

FreedomPop 4G, basic for my iPad Pro.

A really interesting alternative is FreedomPop, with a single payment only for shipping and SIM card, we can have 100% Internet free on our iPad indefinitely.
It is true that they offer us very low data, but they are free. Perfect for reviewing email, social networks and some tasks that require little data.
That's where the trick is, offering a 100% free rate for users who do not need more capacity but do give the possibility to increase it when they think convenient. Where it will be in most cases.
The SIM card is stamped to be able to have a normal SIM, a Nano or even a microSIMThis is really useful if we want to have a secondary number on another device.
To this day, I use FredomPop when I'm on the street with my iPad Pro of 12.9 "LTE. This allows me a certain state of freedom when not having to look for a WiFi signal or share my data with the iPhone.
When I need a much more intensive use, I can always use a superior plan with really interesting prices . You can check the rates HERE .
Also note that FreedomPop can use it on your iPhone as if it were a normal SIM card. Currently offering 4G Orange coverage.

Internet with Apple SIM

Apple SIM
There are companies that offer us to activate Apple SIM at a high cost because of the limited data they offer . But they have the advantage of not having to carry out any procedure or sign a stay. You activate it from iOS Settings, it is charged to your card associated with Apple ID and ready.
As long as you have Apple SIM on your iPad you can activate it at the moment, but you also have the possibility of sending a physical SIM card home .
Models that include Apple SIM are: iPad Pro 9.7 "and iPad Pro 10.5" and 12.9 "(both first and second generation). Although these models also include the possibility of using a physical SIM card.
In Spain we have two operators that work directly with Apple to be able to offer us this data directly on our iPad LTE. After testing them, I have not been completely convinced.
If you want to have a second free number on your iPhone or the possibility of having free Internet on your iPad Pro LTE , I would definitely recommend FreedomPop.

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