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Friday, September 8, 2017

How to download Facebook videos on iPhone and iPad (without Jailbreak)

Facebook is one of the most complete social networks today. From its official application for iOS (and from its desktop version) you can access countless content, take a look at the latest news, add comments in publications, play games and watch videos from the pages you follow.
It is necessary to recognize that in the social network we find daily with all kinds of viral videos of all kinds: humor, tricks, ideas ... even cooking recipes! But, unfortunately, Facebook does not give its users an option to download their videos. Luckily, there are different methods you can use to download Facebook videos on your iPhone and / or iPad .
Without further delay, we begin with the tutorial. Here's what you need to do to download your favorite Facebook videos on your smartphone and tablet.

How to download and save Facebook videos on iPhone and iPad

Method 1: Browser and File Manager

1. Open the Facebook application on your iPhone / iPad.
2. Find the video you want to download and save to your device.
3. Click on the "Share" button and click on the "Copy Link" option.
4. Download the Browser and File Manager for Documents application.
5. Open the new application on your iPhone or your iPad.
6. At the top of the application you will find a URL bar, click on it and access the website: .
7. Select the Facebook icon.
8. Paste the link of the Facebook video that you copied in previous steps.
9. Then click on the download button on the right side.
10. Scroll down and click the "Download Video (MP4)" button.
11. Once the application downloads your video, you can select the "Open in ..." option and choose "Save Video" from the iOS Extensions floating menu.

Method 2: Workflow

1. Download and install Workflow on your iPhone / iPad.
2. Install this workflow
3. Edit it by pressing the setup button.
4. Enable the "Action Extension" option.
5. Open Facebook.
6. Search for the video you want to save.
7. Tap "Share" and "More ...".
8. Select the "Run Workflow" option from the extensions menu.
9. Choose the resolution of the video you want to download.
10. Save the video to your iPhone or iPad.

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