Monday, September 11, 2017

How to follow the Keynote presentation the iPhone X and schedules in Spain and Latin America

There is only one day left to present the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus , plus an updated version of the Apple Watch with LTE radio that will give you independence from an iPhone and you can connect to the Internet on your own. We also expect a new Apple TV that allows playback of content in 4K and HDR .
If the schedule is bad for you to watch the event or if you do not get very good English, you can follow the event with us, on NewCydiaTweaks . There are several ways to do this. You can visit NewCydiaTweaks and find everything that we are publishing in the last article published at the time of the event . You do not need to refresh the page, just open the article and in it you will find everything that we are commenting, in real time, also in our Twitter account, which you can also visit or check from your iPhone or iPad to find out not only everything that is being announced, but our opinion or clarifications about the news. Also you can give us your opinion or comment what you want on Twitter, and although it is impossible to answer at all, we will answer the tweets that we can.
As soon as Keynote is finished, we will publish as always all the articles with the summary of what we consider are the most important issues among the avalanche of news that Apple usually makes known in his long keynotes. This year, obviously the star is that iPhone X, which for the first time radically changes the design that have had all iPhones so far, having a screen that occupies the entire front. In addition, it is a special moment in Apple's history for the tenth anniversary of the iPhone and also for presenting this machine, for the first time, in the Steve Jobs Theater of Apple 's new office campus, Apple Park .
As for the time of the event in each city, this is the list;
BARCELONA : 19:00 
BOGOTA : 12:00 
CARACAS : 13:00 
CHICAGO : 12:00 
LA PAZ : 13:00 
LIMA : 12:00 
LOS ANGELES : 10:00 
MADRID : 19:00 
MIAMI : 13:00 
NEW YORK : 13:00 
SAN JUAN : 13:00 
SANTIAGO : 14:00 
TOKYO : 02:00
If your city is not on this list, you can check the time on this other page with all the capitals .
See you all in NewCydiaTweaks, and despite the important leaks of the last weeks , with the hype to the maximum!
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