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Friday, September 29, 2017

How to format any Mac without USB

We've all had to format our Mac, either because it has a software bug, or simply because we want to do a cleanup of it, and the most commonly used method is always using a USB stick and booting the Mac from it. In this article I tell you the steps you must follow to format any Mac without the need for this USB

We explain how to format any Mac without USB

A few days ago Apple released macOS High Sierra, and as always, we recommend formatting the computer before installing a new version of the operating system to try not to drag unnecessary files and may slow down our work with this or even reach give some kind of error.
The most used method, and that we tell you to install macOS High Sierra is using a USB, downloading the operating system, entering it and then boot from it. All very easy, but what if you do not have a USB at hand? You can do without following the following steps: 
  1. Let's start by restarting our Mac.
  2. When restarting, before the apple bar comes out, we need to hold down Command + R. When the load bar comes out, you can stop pressing these keys.
  3. When the load finishes (that takes a little), we will leave the menu of utilities of macOS.
  4. Now, we should give "Disk Utility" to erase all the information we have on our disk. For this, we will select our internal hard disk and we will give the option of "Delete" at the top, putting the name that we want and the format "OS X Plus (with registration)", and will begin to erase all the information.
  5. We can now close this window, returning to the previous menu, giving you "reinstall macOS". We will open the installation window of the latest available version of macOS. We must follow all instructions that are reflected on the screen.
This process is important to do with the Mac connected to the power supply and an internet connection when formatting the Mac.
If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to put it in the comments and if you want, you can go through the video that we uploaded to our YouTube channel, although it is somewhat old since we were installing El Capitan, but the process is exactly the same, by Fernando Del Moral.

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