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Friday, September 8, 2017

The Spotify web player is no longer compatible with Safari

It will no longer be possible to listen to our favorite themes in Spotify from Safari, the Apple browser. We will only have the possibility to download the application of the different platforms like iOS or macOS if we want to listen to some musical theme.
From Spotify confirm that the web music player is no longer available, since it is no longer compatible with Safari features. Although maybe in the future it will be operational again.

Spotify does not know if the web player will return

Upon leaving the notification on the web of Spotify where it said: "This browser is not compatible with the web player of Spotify. Change the browser or download the Spotify app for computer. ", A user decided to contact Spotify support , where they answered the following:
"After taking a look behind the scenes, we can confirm that after recent updates, Safari is no longer a browser compatible with Web Player. We are always testing things, adding or removing functions to make Spotify better. we can not use the web player as before, we can not tell if or when any specific feature will be back, but as soon as we have something to advertise, we will let everyone know through Spotify Community Sorry for any inconvenience caused, and please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you 
Best Wishes,  
Spotify Customer Support "
The problem could be in the Google Widewine media optimization plugin . A plugin required for running Spotify's web browser. This plugin could have been removed by the Safari support team. Making it impossible to run the web player.
From today, only Google Chrome 45+, Firefox 47+, Edge 14+ and Opera 32+ are the only supported browsers to listen to music without installing the Spotify application.

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