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Friday, September 8, 2017

How to play on Steam from the Mac without taking up space

Playing on our MacBook Pro or iMac is a reality. But honoring the truth, we do not have as many titles as in PC, nor so exclusive. But we do have a large number of really interesting games .
It is also true that the Mac App Store does not help to promote the download of games for the high cost of them. But we have a really interesting alternative, Steam.
Steam is the largest gaming platform in the world. In it we can buy games with a much more attractive price and have it always available from our profile. Even if we delete the game. The problem is the capabilities of our Mac's SSDs , it limits us a lot when it comes to installing a game, but there is a solution for that.

With this trick, do not take up space on your Mac

In Steam preferences , we can configure our downloads so that the games are downloaded and installed directly to an external hard drive. In this way, we can have more capacity to install all the games that we want and thus liberate our SSD.
To be able to change the direction of downloads by our external hard disk, we have to make this tour in the Mac with Steam open:
  1. Click on the "Steam" menu
  2. preferences
  4. Content Library
  5. Add content folder
  6. Volumes
  7. Select our external hard drive
If we do not have any folders created on our external disk, we must include one . Do not worry, the moment you select the location you want for Steam downloads, you will be left to create a folder.
Now you just have to start downloading games like there's no tomorrow, to start those glorious afternoons with your favorite games directly on your Mac.

Recommended discs for playing without "lag"

SSD-SanDisk Disk
Although any USB hard drive could be worth it, it is advisable to choose some type USB 3 or Thunderbolt,  so that the transfer of data is greater and thus avoid "jerks" or errors when loading the most demanding games.
We could also choose an external box to take advantage of any hard drive we have at home. In this way, we would save a lot of money. We leave you with some of the recommended external hard drives:

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