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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

How to uninstall iOS 11 beta to do a clean install

Surely you have installed the public beta or developer to test the benefits of iOS 11 before anyone else, but now you would like to have the official version of iOS 11 . Do not worry, the procedure is simple.
In order to remove the beta from our device and install official iOS 11, we need to restore our iPhone, iPad or iPod touch . So, we need a PC or Mac with iTunes to perform the procedure. There is no other method.
Do not worry, you can make a backup to keep your data safe. Although the files have been saved from a beta, being the same operating system, you can recover them without problems.

Uninstall iOS 11 beta

We can not uninstall the beta simply by restoring our device in iTunes, we must force the reboot for deletion to take effect. If we do not force the reboot (DFU mode), the restore will reinstall the last beta of iOS 11.
  1. Connect the device's Lightning cable to the Mac or PC with iTunes
  2. Force reset (DFU mode)
  3. Click Restore
As simple as that. From these moments, the Apple device you want to restore to uninstall the beta of iOS 11, will begin its work. This may take several minutes . This process consists of downloading the latest version of iOS and installing it on our device.
Once the restore is complete, we can choose to perform a new installation or to recover a backup . As a recommendation, we recommend that you install from scratch, ie as a new device.
Thus, if there is a problem with an application, it will not drag it to the new version of iOS 11. This will make it much easier to control the apps that may give us problems in the future.

How to force reboot on an iPhone 6s or earlier

This method is also valid for an iPod touch . Simply press the power button and Home button simultaneously , until the Apple logo appears.
All this with the cable connected to our Mac or PC with the latest version of iTunes, if we do not have the cable connected, this procedure will not serve us anything.

How to force reboot on an iPhone 7

In the case of the iPhone 7, without having a physical button, the procedure changes. To do this we have to press the power button together with the volume down button simultaneously. At the time the Apple logo appears, we can stop pressing the buttons.
With these simple steps, you will be able to restore your Apple device without problems. Now you only have to enjoy iOS 11 in its official version. Check the launch time.

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