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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

How to update our Apple Watch to watchOS 4

Today September 19th, you can upgrade your Apple Watch to the latest version of the operating system released by Apple. The update is scheduled for 19:00 hours , along with the launch of iOS 11.
watchOS 4 incorporates many improvements for our smart watch, in addition to giving us another visual touch that makes it much more interesting device in every way.
New areas, improvements in the health section and in our daily activity. In addition to offering a total interaction with Siri and Apple Music. Now we can listen to our music lists of Apple Music without having an iPhone near .

Update the Apple Watch to watchOS 4

Apple Watch Series 3
Before starting the update, we need to have a 50% battery in our Apple Watch and be connected to the power . If we do not meet this requirement, we will not be able to upgrade our Apple Watch.
Our iPhone is essential to upgrade to the new version of watchOS 4 . No, we can not update it via OTA directly, we need the iPhone to act as a bridge.
  • We turn to the iPhone
  • We went into the Apple Watch app
  • Press on "My watch" 
  • Press "General"
  • Finally "Software Update"
Now the update will start to download, possibly ask us for the access password . Do not worry, it's just a necessary security measure. From now on, your Apple Watch is starting to update.
The process is simple, but installing the new operating system may take a few minutes or even an hour . It all depends on the internet connection we have and how saturated Apple servers are at that time.

Do I need to have iOS 11 to install watchOS 4?

WatchOS WWDC 2017
New spheres in watchOS
Yes, Apple makes it clear on website. In order to install watchOS 4 we need to install the latest version of iOS that is available. In this case, iOS 11 of which will be released simultaneously on the 19th at 7:00 p.m. (in Spain).
Remember that Apple will also launch iOS 11 today , where we teach you how to update the iPhone or how to do a clean installation from scratch. Everything you need to have today your Apple Watch and iPhone to the latest version available.

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