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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

If you are a fan of Pokémon Go and The Walking Dead, watch out for this game for iOS

Pokémon Go revolutionized the way we played with our iPhone. It made us leave home taking advantage of the augmented reality to capture all the Pokémon that we found in the street. They even organize stays by the cities to carry out combats.
Well, now the success of Pokémon Go , another television phenomenon joins this mode of play, nothing more or nothing less than The Walking Dead . Instead of capturing Pokémon, we will have to fight zombies to survive the attacks we will receive.
Thanks to augmented reality (of which Apple is betting heavily with ARKit) , we will have to leave our neighborhood to kill zombies and get a series of targets from our iPhone.

Ready for the new season of The Walking Dead

There are still few data on the game, but we do have the most interesting ones. For example, we will have the possibility to choose some characters from the series to accompany us on our "walks".
If all goes well, we can see the game in the App Store between September and October, although it is rumored that could be launched next October 22 , which coincides with the publication of the new season and only a few days of Halloween.
The company responsible for making the game for iOS is Next Games, a company that already has several interesting games published in the App Store, including the official game of  The Walking Dead. Now they have the challenge of hooking the players just like Niantic did with Pokémon Go.
Here we can see some real images of the game , where there are still some improvements, we can get an idea of ​​how it will be to fight the zombies as if we were in the series The Walking Dead.
Example 2: Food Network lets you place and decorate virtual desserts like cupcakes pic.twitter.com/Xd4dYU5AAb

Were you or are you a Pokémon Go player? How about the idea of ​​integrating the essence of Pokémon Go into The Walking Dead? Will it be a new success?

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