Wednesday, September 13, 2017

If you buy a USB-C adapter, your iPhone 8 and X will charge 50% in 30 minutes

Yesterday we had the pleasure, as we did several months ago with the WWDC 2017, to witness one of the most marked events within the Apple calendar as a company. The clear protagonist of the keynote was the iPhone 8 , its biggest model also called Plus and the much acclaimed and has given much talk in recent days, X, although they have also released other products such as the new Apple Watch and the rest.
Leaving aside the clear improvements in hardware and other implementations that Apple has done to its new terminal, a clear example of this is the new processor that has the model X which is called A11 and has 6 cores , ie the CPU more powerful than the apple has put in a smartphone throughout its history, the Cupertino company has also improved some key aspects in the phone.
Apple has said that as they sell the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X can be loaded from 0% in total in a maximum time and a half , but have wanted to go something further if they could and are selling some chargers adapted to USB-C, which are around 60 and 70 euros, depending on the one you choose, with which you can charge at least half the battery in just 30 minutes.
The Californian firm has been able to find a weak point, if you can call it that, in their previous models and have decided to improve in this aspect giving us an incredible autonomy and in case of little high loading speed which is unmatched in the market but they have decided to go further and create these chargers.
It has not yet gone on sale, but you are thinking of buying one of the new iPhone, both 8 and 8 Plus or X, we recommend that you hurry since only a limited number of terminals have been made and if not you buy it at its output you will have to wait a period of time to buy it .
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