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Monday, September 18, 2017

Instagram makes controversial changes to its iOS app

We all know and use daily and constant applications, among them we find the most used, WhatsApp, but there are also others very recognized by the community which in recent years have grown in an incredible way, a clear example of this could be Instagram. Today we came to tell you a novelty that has had a lot of controversy about the application of Instagram in iOS , something really reasonable and that you will understand next.

Is it for that?

Uploading panoramic images
The evolution that Instagram has experienced throughout its life is incredible, but not only as an application but also as a public one. Until the arrival of this platform so large that we can share from the ice cream that we are eating in an ice cream shop until the day of our wedding, we only had Facebook and Twitter, and as we all know, the latter is dying and being replaced by Instagram.
We all know that Facebook, as with WhatsApp, bought Instagram a considerable time ago and since then they have made great changes in the application and platform as such. We can say that most or almost all of these modifications have ended up having positive results , we just have to look at the stories and other moments, basically they brought the best part of Snapchat to Instagram.
On paper we can say that Instagram is a very new application and that is gaining a greater percentage of users of both iOS and Android. The big change that has generated so much controversy is referring to the videos . Before to activate the sound of one in the app we could either raise or lower the volume of the terminal or flick the video.
instagram face filters
Now, if we activate the sound in a video all the others that we see and pass by our screen will also have it in operation, before, previously we had to give each and every one of the videos so that these reproduced with sound. We understand that this creates controversy in a way because sometimes we prefer not to listen to some other type of content and more if it makes use of our mobile tariff.

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