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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Intel - delay in CannonLake by the end of 2018, raising doubts

Bad news has appeared in the last few hours for all those who consider buying a MacBook of the models that will be released next year. We all like apple laptops, especially when they tell you that they have the fastest SSD hard drive reading 3.2 GB per second and that their weight does not reach 2 KG. It seems that the processors that these machines were going to bring in 2018, the Intel CannonLake, are going to have a delay.

Problems with Intel

MacBook Pro 2016
The delay not only remains in the CPUs, also comes with time delayed the arrival of a greater memory RAM in said laptops. We are referring to the MacBook Pro range, ie the highest. The delay in question can reach until the end of 2018 , but we all know that the apple usually presents these products before the summer begins as they did last June 5.
Logically, knowing the delay of a processor, an essential part obviously in a computer, creates a number of exaggerated doubts and is that it is not the only thing that has suffered a delay by Apple, we just have to look at the iPhone X than supposed was to be released on the keynote of June 5th.
Since Apple put the limit in the 16 GB of RAM, which is not bad at all even today, since last year the public of the acclaimed laptop began to ask the apple something more powerful, although unnecessary in most of the cases unless it is for a very specific task that causes much suffering to this section of the hardware so that it requires some more power.
MacBook Pro macOS High Sierra
For all those who think MacBook and other Apple products are not worth their price , it would be good to know that the useful life of a Mac computer goes from 6 to 10 years , so we have to see the purchase of one as an investment rather than something momentary.

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