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Monday, September 11, 2017

IOS 11 firmware confirms that the iPhone 8 will come with wireless charging

The iOS 11 firmware has been giving us plenty of clues on how and what will the iPhone 8 on its way out next September 12 at the Steve Jobs Theater presented by Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple. Both satisfactory and disillusioning data have been revealed, a clear example of which is that the AirPods will not come with the terminal in question , but we bring good news: the wireless charge will be fully incorporated into the Apple smartphone.

The inarambrica load: a great disappointment

This has been announced when a well-known user within the Californian company's community has revealed that inside the iOS 11 firmware was a code that said textually: "Wireless Charging" , for its wireless translation. We have always wanted to be able to forget about the annoying cable and be able to charge our smartphone without needing it, so the return of the apple to this field will brighten many.
We have to take into account that despite the comfort that this method of loading offers, we must also know that the process will take longer because you can not transmit the same energy by cable as by air , something similar to what happens when we compare the quality of the internet of a Wi-Fi network with an ethernet cable, in the first one misses much of the signal.
It is said that everything we are going to see in the coming days, weeks or months will only be prototypes of what Apple is actually doing , because the disadvantages that this new battery charging system offers are much less than the pros that this may have.
charge iPhone 8 wireless
Nor should we be guided solely by what the iOS 11 firmware says because on some occasions the clues that have given us this part of the software have proved to be equivocal . Anyway, we can only wait until Tuesday and witness the arrival of the most expensive and advanced smartphone in history in our lives.

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