Monday, September 11, 2017

iOS 11 has an option that prevents the OLED screen burns by wear

The adoption of the OLED screens was one of the first novelties that were confirmed on the awaited iPhone X. And although the use of this technology with several years in the market, seemed the logical step of Apple, the truth is that those of Cupertino focused on certain improvements to optimize the quality of this component.
Thus, the company that tomorrow will present its tenth iPhone, has included an option for iOS 11 that prevents it from "burn" with use, showing areas worn, gray or yellow.
According to information published by some specialists, the source code of iOS 11 provides an option - which users can activate or deactivate - and that prevents the OLED screen burns, due to the continued exposure of the same content in LEDs that the form.
Although it is not explained exactly how this tool would work, it is believed that iOS 11 could achieve the subtle scrolling of the entire user interface or static content visible on the screen for a long timewithout altering the brightness or tone.
ios 11 tool prevents OLED screen burn

Of course, and according to the betas versions of iOS 11 that are known until now, in the interface there is a large number of elements that remain static and may cause some damage , characteristic of OLED screens, which makes this option is seen as too much precaution of Apple, but being a new element for its product star, no consideration seems exaggerated.
But within 24 hours of knowing the iPhone X, iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus, we know that any doubt will be resolved from the Steve Jobs Theater, in a keynote that is also expected to see a new generation of Apple Watch with LTE and Apple TV with 4K resolution.
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