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Monday, September 11, 2017

iOS 11 integrates an important security feature for your data

The theft of terminals is something that is unfortunately the order of the day. This is not that it is also something frustrating for all that entails economic loss and data, feeling of vulnerability, annoyances, etc ...). There is something that is also disturbing for whoever suffers this and is, what about my data? As we will see now, it is not necessary to steal the iPhone, only to be taken away for a few hours to harm.
For years, Apple has been working to make sure your data is not exposed. The iPhone's local storage drive has strong encryption, and without an access code or fingerprint, there is no way to pass the unlock screen. If the phone shuts down or is 48 hours without logging in , it locks even more, requiring a password to reboot.
It is a big problem for telephone thieves and, as the case of Diana Quer has shown, makes life also difficult for law enforcement. It is still possible to get cloud data on Apple servers , and any information controlled by an application is another story, but if it is stored locally on your phone, it is difficult to obtain it without your permission.
With these protections, thieves and digital experts have turned to the iPhone's automatic backup system as the easiest way to access it. If your phone has registered your computer as a reliable device, it is possible to access an automatic backup of the machine itself , which basically downloads all the data from the phone into the computer in an "easy" package and for the investigators.
Even if your computer is not a trusted device, all you need to establish a trusted device is a fingerprint logon session, which could potentially be done with 3D footprint. Once this login is done, you can pair the phone, dump the data and start operating.

Not only worth with footprint, you will also need the password

Apple has decided that their computers are becoming less vilable as possible. Once a computer is registered as a trusted device for a particular phone, the computer can remove the backups of that phone at any time in the future, even without logging in.
The process to establish a trusted device is already a bit daunting, but with iOS 11, that system will get a little tougher. According to reports ElcomSoft (designing forensic software that extracts data from paired phones) details a feature overlooked in iOS 11 that will make it a little more difficult to breach .
Now you will not be able to establish connection with just one fingerprint, you will need the full access code, as if you were unlocking the phone after a complete reset. It seems smaller, but potentially a serious problem for law enforcement agencies, who are legally authorized to use fingerprints, but move into more complicated legal territory when it comes to access codes .
In theory, all this is quite debatable. If someone with the necessary technology is able to fake fingerprints, you have enough to log on to the phone itself (as long as it is not locked), at which point you can just open applications and get the data you need anyway. Thing that is not turkey mucus anyway.
But backing the phone to a trusted device is a big part of modern forensics and is one of the few ways researchers are sure they have gotten all the data . Under iOS 11, it will be more difficult to do so without the user's permission, increasing the fire on the encryption debate.
It is not yet clear exactly why the change was made, although it is rumored that the next iPhone will dispense with the Touch ID fingerprint reader completely, which would undoubtedly be the explanation for all this. We remember that tomorrow, September 12 is the day chosen by Apple for the presentation of his new models at the Steve Jobs Theater of Apple Park. The appointment is at 19:00 hours (peninsula).

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