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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

iOS 11 is only installed on 10% of active iPhone and iPad

Apple's innovative, redesigned and mobile operating system, iOS 11 , is taking a slightly slower adoption than iOS 10 , although it is noteworthy to mention that the company's previous version of the bite apple's mobile software beat all the records.
According to data collected by the analytical firm Mixpanel, the iOS 11 version is currently installed on 10.01% of the active iPhone, iPad and iPod touch . Just 24 hours after its official launch. The figure is not as scandalous as the adoption of iOS 10 at this point, but still a good number.
After 24 hours, last year iOS 10 was already installed on 14.45% of Apple's mobile devices. For its part, iOS 9 was installed in 12.60% of the devices and iOS 8 obtained a very similar adoption in 2014.

The adoption of iOS 11 is being slower than expected

Despite the exciting changes that iOS 11 offers on iPhone and iPad, its adoption is less than expected. Perhaps the numbers have been affected because the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5c have been left out of the update . Scheduled obsolescence also plays against the company itself.
As users continue to install iOS 11 on their devices, obviously the adoption of iOS 10 continues to decline. Right now iOS 10 is installed on 84.55% of Apple terminals . The most encouraging figure is that only 5.44% have a previous version installed (iOS 6, iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9).
Surely the adoption of iOS 11 will multiply throughout this weekend, as users will have more free time to dedicate to their devices. In addition, there are usually many people who decide to wait for feedback from other users before installing the update to see if the performance and performance of iOS 11 is appropriate.

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