Wednesday, September 20, 2017

iPhones compatible with ARKit Apps (augmented reality)

Now that iOS 11 is here , ARKit (Augmented Reality) Apps are coming to the redesigned App Store. We have seen many examples of what developers are capable of with this new library that eliminates all the complexity that has to program this type of applications and almost allows any developer to publish in the App Store an application that is able to analyze in real time what is in front of the iPhone camera and interact with that information. This obviously requires a significant CPU speed because you have to process the data of that video offered by the camera and in addition, you have to do it practically in real time. Meanwhile, on top of that image, all types of content are superimposed, from simple texts to complicated 3D models of characters, for example, in a video game.
Because of that demanding processing capability, not all iOS 11-compatible iPhones can use these Apps . Although iOS 11 can be installed on an iPhone 5S onwards, Apps using ARKit can only be installed on devices that have at least one A9 processor . That technical requirement unfortunately leaves out the iPhone 5S , iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S .
Las Apps que ya había en la App Store que utilizaban realidad aumentada, por supuesto seguirán funcionando siempre y cuando las mantengan sus desarrolladores, pero es una realidad aumentada bastante menos exactapotente comparada con la que ofrece ARKit. Muchos pensarán en obsolescencia programada pero probablemente no sean conscientes de la ingente cantidad de datos que hay que procesar en un vídeo de alta resolución que llegan en tiempo real y sobre el cual se superponen todo tipo de cosas… es algo que parece mágico, porque bueno, realmente lo es; es una pequeña hazaña que un pequeño ordenador que llevamos en el bolsillo sea capaz de hacer cosas así.
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