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Thursday, September 7, 2017

It is rumored that the iPhone 8 OLED will come after the standard models of the iPhone 7s

The new technology that already started using Samsung in its day, OLED, has given much to talk about during the last months. It was said that the Korean company was going to build the largest factory of this material made to increase the screens that have smartphones and other similar products, in order to be the Apple supplier in this regard, but also talked about that the iPhone 8 will have an OLED display model.

OLED: higher price but higher quality

iphone8-with oled panel
The question that is right now in all the interested to acquire the new terminal of the block with this advanced technology in its screen is when it will go on sale. Apple has not given any official data, but rumored by many reliable sources within the Californian community that the iPhone 8 OLED will appear after the company presents the standard models of the iPhone 7s.
We have to take into account that if already in case the iPhone 8 has a cost much higher than any other terminal in the market making it the most expensive in the history of telephony , how much can become worth one who has this technology in your screen? For much more, if already by itself, except for the 64 GB model, the iPhone 8 exceeds 1,000 dollars, we just have to take accounts.
There is no doubt that the terminal, regardless of whether it has this screen or not, will be a great milestone within the history of technology as such . The iPhone 8 will be a step forward on the part of everything related to the world of smartphone, approaching this way more and more to what would be the perfection within this sector.
Colors Available iPhone 8
Soon we will see the departure of the mobile phone in question, on September 12 we can witness the presentation of the same hand by Tim Cook inside the Steve Jobs Theater , a building within the limits of Apple Park in honor of the father and founder of Apple, Steve Jobs.

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