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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

It reports the first serious vulnerability of macOS High Sierra that could access your personal data

Something less than three hours is what macOS High Sierra has available to all users and has already reported the first major security bug that could make it easier for hackers to walk your Mac stealing any personal information   that is on your keychain or even turn on your microphone, using third-party applications.

macOS High Sierra already has its first vulnerability

According to information from a former NSA analyst and security researcher Patrick Wardle, this vulnerability would affect unsigned applications in MacOS High Sierra by having access to the information on our keychain, that is, to the information of our personal accounts including bank accounts.
safety bug macOS high sierra
These unsigned applications are those of third companies that have not approved Apple and that for a long time started a war against them to prevent them from installing them, putting more and more security warnings and asking for your approval on many occasions. Numerous security analysts have already stated to Forbes that "it is not difficult to get this malicious code, and you can skip the protections that Apple imposes to avoid these situations." To give you an idea, in the group focused on cyber security  AnnackSecurity IT, detail what can make this security breach, which in my opinion make it quite clear:
A Python backdoor for MacOs, airs many personal secrets of Apple users: it exposes the configurations and personal data of its Chrome, download in the location that the cybercriminals designate the chat histories, turn on the microphones of the MacBooks at will ... .
Personally, I do not see at all that Apple was able to allow this , even knowing that this error was present in previous betas, as numerous security researchers had already reported. It is unheard of to allow this security problem so serious that we will now be unable to download any third party application until the Cupertino release an update that we hope to see light in the coming hours.

Security is being a problem for Apple that is increasingly placed in the target of these hackers who want to get personal information from users and it seems that is not difficult. We hope and we will be very attentive to Apple launch an update solving these security flaws and we want to come to think that they will not release a version with a security hole of which they have knowledge in the headquarters of Cupertino.

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