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Friday, September 8, 2017

LG could end up providing OLED panels to Apple in 2019

Yesterday we told you how certain analysts said that Samsung was responsible for the high price that would have the iPhone 8. Today, Ming-Chi Kuo has said that Apple and LG will not reach any agreement on provide OLED screens to the future iPhone until 2019 , when the year was scheduled for 2018 . This could have very significant price consequences as there will be no other alternatives to buy OLED screens having only one supplier.

Until 2019 Samsung will be the only supplier of OLED screens of Apple

The talks between LG and Apple have not come to fruition and that is why the South Korean company Samsung will be the only company to provide OLED screens to Apple until at least 2019, which in theory could be signed an agreement between Apple and LG.
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LG is having numerous problems with its machinery to make a massive production that comes to provide OLED screens to Apple . That is why we are working on time trial in order to be able to deal with Samsung. That the South Korean company is alone in the market makes that they can put the prices that they want and they are not at all competitive. This will negatively affect all iPhone users as the costs will be much higher than if there were more competitiveness in such an expensive component of this terminal. 
The Bloomberg says that LG could have in 2018 a small number of OLED screens ready for Apple, although they would not reach the hypothetical iPhone 9, although there would already be a certain competitiveness and the price would be reduced, especially if in autumn, as is traditional , create a new cycle of devices with these screens. The concrete note by Ming-Chi Kuo reads as follows:
Apple usually introduces new iPhone every autumn to be able to send the first OLED phone with LG technology in late 2018 with limited supplies. Alternatively, you could expect to add LG models later in the lifecycle of the next model.

Leave us in the comment box if you think that the fault that there is no competitiveness in the OLED display market will be responsible

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