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Friday, September 1, 2017

Microsoft Office will not be available in High Sierra

That's right, as it says in the Microsoft Office title will not be possible to have it original and legitimate in the new operating system macOS, High Sierra. In all previous versions of this software we could make use of the best writing program ever created, but it seems that the company of Bill Gates will not support Apple in that regard.

Apple against the ropes

Running the Latest Version of Office for Mac
This may seem like no, but in the future it can be a problem even for the workers of the Cupertino company since this program is used by almost everyone regardless of the operating system used, although this does not end here since Microsoft Office is so present in offices and other jobs that or Apple presents its alternative to this or they will have serious problems because computers, both iMac and MacBook laptops, are usually used in areas focused on work.
The explanation that Microsoft has given to the company of the bite apple and to its public which makes use of Office is the following:
Not all Office functionality may be available, and you may encounter stability problems where unexpectedly quit apps. During the beta period for macOS 10.13 High Sierra, no formal support is available for this Office configuration.

Problems are just beginning.

Tim Cook on a Keynote
It seemed too strange that macOS High Sierra betas could not be used Office , now we have a more detailed and confirmed response from the same company that created it.
Microsoft has also announced that the version supporting earlier versions of MacOS, that is, those of 2011 and similar, will end next month leaving the Apple operating systems without Office , including security updates.
It is clear that Microsoft is the biggest competition that Apple has had in its history and continues to be this day, but this problem will not only affect the pocket of the apple but also its users of which a large percentage will eventually be passed to computers Windows.

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