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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Neither glasses, beard or hat, Face ID is not fooled

The newly introduced Face ID feature available for the iPhone X has been greeted with surprise and curiosity by Apple fans. But, knowing that it is a new technology, it is clear that the questions - especially those that refer to security - will gradually dissolve, as has happened recently with those that pointed to the possibility that the Face ID was not so accurate in the dark.
With this biometric system, Apple has made sure that there are no errors or that these are minimal, stating that there is a probability of 1 in 50 thousand that someone can unlock their iPhone with their fingerprint, but one in every 1 million that the face of another person will deceive Face ID. While the Touch ID blocks a device after five failed attempts, the Face ID only allows two failed attempts.

Face ID against misleading identification

According to information published on Apple's official website , in Apple's technology to unlock the device, the apple has been taken all the time to eliminate the security risks involved, and this is where the game comes in. famous chip A 11 Bionic. Thus, the Face ID works with infrared that activate in conditions of low light or in total darkness that illuminate the face of the user and allow to create the map of points to give the signal of access.
iPhone X
In other circumstances, where the user's face is not fully displayed, A11's auto-learning technology also does the same, as it is designed to read appearance changes, such as those that happen when hair changes, grow or the beard disappears or there are extra accessories like caps or scarves.

Twin set

How Face ID works
Come on, when it comes to a technology that just comes into our hands, no question is useless not farfetched. For this reason, Apple has come forward to answer the possibility of unlocking the iPhone X with a photo or with a person apparently identical, referring to the twins.
As for the first point, the Face ID can not be fooled by a photo, since it performs a 3D facial scan to unlock a device, and is "mindful", ie only unlocks a device, when it looks in Fixed address to the iPhone X, which means that "ID only works when there is a live person in front of it."
Likewise, the Face ID is designed to accurately recognize every detail of the face, as it is capable of emitting more than 30 thousand invisible points on the face to map it in three dimensions and passes this information the A11 chip, in charge of comparing our facial structure with the facial scan stored on the iPhone X during the setup process.

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