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Saturday, September 16, 2017

New App Store Rules Restrict Face ID for Under 13s

To all the new things that Apple has presented this week, is added a regulation with which the company of the apple indicates new guidelines to the developers in the App Store; all about the official launch of iOS 11, as special reference is made to key points such as Face ID and ARKit.
Updates to iOS 11 apps are already starting to roll out in the App Store. To that extent, applications requiring iOS 11.0 will be released alongside iOS 11 on Tuesday, September 19.

No Face ID for children under 13 and more filters for the ARKit app

In the first place, Apple has made it clear that not every application can be part of ARKit, but those that actually offer "complex and integrated augmented reality experiences," leaving aside those that only show an individual object, certainly the first to reach the store.
Video iPhone X
Interestingly, another of the new rules refers to a form of alternative authentication that developers must create for children under 13. Why curious? In view, LocalAuthentication, the application that controls the data of the Face ID, is only in charge of validating or not the process and in no case this data are accessible for the programmers; making the real object of this provision not clear.
As for donations and royalties, Apple has also wanted to make everything clear. This type of transactions will be detailed avoiding that they are assumed as other types of payments and thus arrive integral to where the user wishes. It is believed that this rule tries to resolve a controversy that occurred a few months ago, when WeChat accused Apple of keeping 30% of the donations that users made through this platform, because they were treated as integrated purchases.

Zero deceptions

This time, the manzaneros have also tightened the nuts to those developers of deceptive applications that offer to leave our mobile of viruses and malware. Apple assures that these are not allowed, because these tasks are impossible to perform, at least in this way.
Apple has renewed its devices and the same wants to do with its store, to offer the best experience to those who already disburse a good amount for their equipment ... And not for less.

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