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Friday, September 8, 2017

New evidence reveals we will not see Touch ID on iPhone 8

We all have a big question about the new iPhone that Apple will present on September 12 . The name and presence or not of the Touch ID on this new device. Many have been reports that have divided all the followers of the company. Some say it will be present but in the back or the lock / unlock button and others claim that it will not come included.

The big unknown, Touch ID, yes or no?

Today the WSJ says that Apple will slam the Touch ID and will not be present anywhere on this device, so Apple would bet on facial recognition as the only method of unlocking the iPhone 8.
Touch ID trick
Touch ID setup screen
A few weeks ago we were talking about Cupertino could not have incorporated fingerprint recognition under the OLED panel , even though another company had already managed to do so. Faced with this, it is possible that instead of choosing to place the Touch ID in an uncomfortable position for the user, they have decided to completely delete it and bet 100% on facial recognition.
This new technology that we have not yet seen in Apple, can give us more fear than we believe. We have seen in Samsung devices such security measures to unlock the device, seeing the reliability it has in for example the latest device, Galaxy Note 8. But, we must recognize that we have many years with a technology that we do not has given problem that uses our fingerprint. And now, moving to a technology that at first glance can be easily vulnerable makes us all shake.
In my opinion, Apple knows this and I think it will end up including it but a medium as important as WSJ claims to have eliminated it. I think, it will be placed in an area where it does not break the design as it may be in the lock / unlock button, or in the apple on the back would not end up bothering and will give the user the option of using a tencology or another, be more comfortable. Although Apple has always been to withdraw something and impose what it entails as we saw with the withdrawal of the jack. 
Next Tuesday we will leave aside the doubts and we will focus on a real device that we will present Apple on September 12. Leave us in the comments box if you think about whether or not Apple will include the Touch ID somewhere on the device.

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