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Friday, September 1, 2017

New payment method for iTunes affiliate: iTunes Store credit

We have always said that iTunes was a revolutionary platform in its day , this is true and there is no doubt about it, it was the pioneer in putting to our disposition musical content and multimedia online, because until then the only way to buy this type of things was physically. Apple is famous for taking good care of its allies, a clear example of which is that they pay a percentage to the creators of content by the diffusion and purchase of content within iTunes .

iTunes Affiliate opens a new door

ITunes gift card
This has a name: iTunes Affiliate . Recently a change in this has come to light and something that can become quite comfortable from a concrete point of view: to collect the profits by the diffusion and the promotion of content in iTunes in credit to spend both in the same platform as in the App Store instead of real money.
The statement from the Cupertino company is that they can receive the money in this way and that in the future they will be able to spend it in the various stores of Apple, so that implies that it is not yet, but soon will be.
If you thought that all were advantages, you are wrong since the only currency that this accepts are clear US dollars and the Japanese currency , so if you do not reside in one of these two countries you will not be able to make use of this part of the iTunes program Affiliate, because even if you have a $ 10 card to spend in an Apple store from Spain, for example, you can only buy in euros so it is a bit useless.
ITunes Card
This change within the affiliate program of iTunes has taken place due to the complaints of content creators and others since the commission they took has gone down from 7% to 2.5% , which is why they understand and reason I disagree that these people have dedicated themselves to this.

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