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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Nike Announces NBA Jerseys With NFC, Will Include Exclusive Content In The iOS App

In spite of all the reasons why the apple is known in the electronics sector, they also made a name when doing collaborations or working with other big brands from different sectors, Honda, Mercedes and others. Today again with Nike , last time everything went pretty well with the sneakers of the sports brand which could be connected to Apple Watch and get really curious and even necessary data for a percentage of the particular public.

Nike and Apple shake hands again

Nike +
This time Nike has drawn a letter from the sleeve, something that many other firms of this type within the textile industry could have done: add NFC connectivity to a garment . This is basically what they have done with the jerseys or jerseys characteristic of the largest league in the United States as far as sport is concerned: the NBA.
The guys at Nike have made a video in which we can see the advantages that this system offers . Thanks to an iPhone, which seems to be one of the latest generation terminals, namely iPhone 8, 8 Plus or the famous X that finally saw this last Tuesday, we can see the effect of passing the NFC sensor through the specific part of the t-shirt.
They have baptized this like "NikeConnect" , something that is going to look quite limited if it were exclusively for iPhone. We do not know anything, but in case it was only compatible with the Apple terminals would need an iPhone 7 or newer to be able to use iOS 11 and have NFC.
Nike shoes
For all those interested in the jersey and others, the application will be available in the App Store on September 29 , that is, 10 days after the official exit of iOS 11 that will take place this Tuesday, September 19.

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