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Friday, September 29, 2017

Not so tough: Users report damage on iPhone 8 while charging

The arrival of the iPhone 8 has not been the honeymoon that Apple expected. Among its low sales, the uncertainty because the situation worsens because of the iPhone X and several complaints about software failures that causes the calls to be heard defective, adds a new but. This time, a Taiwanese user has reported damage to her computer while charging.
As shared by the same user in the photos he posted on their social networks, the iPhone 8 was opened while being loaded with the supplied cable and the plug adapter. Likewise, a Japanese user echoed a similar situation.

Two users report battery problems with their iPhone 8

The situation reported by the first user, happened five days later, while loading her equipment with the supplied accessories - says the owner - a 64GB pink gold iPhone 8. After three minutes, he reported seeing the bulge of the front panel, the swollen battery, and finally saw the device fully lifted.
IPhone 8 bulky battery
In principle, this incident was related to an explosion, as so many that were denounced with the iPhone 7, however when reviewing it in more detail it has been proven that there are no indications of this and therefore Apple requires more tests to give a resolution. Above all, it must be confirmed whether the user used her own accessories or a third party charger.

No doubt this could have been an isolated fact, but given the proximity to the beginning of the shipments and all the pressure that the market has on Apple, it is logical that this capture the attention of the community and revive the internal debate on the assertive or not that it turned out to propose an iPhone 8,of which many consider that it does not have characteristics so attractive in function of its price.

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