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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Now Spreaker for iOS lets you choose music and effects from iCloud Drive or Dropbox

Spreaker is one of the most advanced applications to be able to broadcast podcasts from anywhere. If you have an iPhone and a headset with microphone, you can start a live or delayed podcast .
One of the great improvements in the REC application of Spreaker Studio is that we can access our music library or sound effects without having to synchronize with iTunes or store them in the own Spreaker server.
This gives much more freedom for the Podcaster, where many times the resources are usually in iCloud Drive or Dropbox . Thanks to iOS 11, the integration of the application is practically perfect.

Spreaker REC, broadcast wherever and whenever you want

For those who do not know the REC application of Spreaker , it is an application designed for podcasters , where it is not necessary to have a Mac to be able to broadcast live or deferred. In the iOS application itself, we have everything we need to start broadcasting anywhere in the world.
We simply need a 3G, 4G connection or a WiFi connection to start our live episode . If we prefer to do it deferred, we also have that option. The similarity with the application of macOS is almost identical.
One of the improvements we do want to see to match it with the macOS app is the ability to schedule episodes directly with the iOS app . Something that today is not possible, having to resort to the Spreaker website from our iPad or iPhone in desktop mode.
The integration of iCloud Drive and Dropbox works really well , on certain occasions, depending on our Internet connection, the files can be delayed a bit to load completely. But that is something foreign to the application.
If, in addition, you have hired Apple Music , you can browse your music library to select your favorite theme and include it in your podcast. Something to thank for not having to sync with iTunes.
The Spreaker REC application is completely free , offering monthly and annual payment plans that increase server capabilities. The greater plan, more capacity and more tools available, such as improved statistics, personalization of the feed or even live recording 24 hours a day uninterrupted.
It is true that pricing plans are high , where most users will think twice before making the leap to Spreaker, but it is also true that the application offers everything you need to not depend on a Mac in most the occasions.

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