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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Officially Launched Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE Connectivity

Apple has already begun to introduce the first devices in the keynote that is developing at this time from the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park. As already confirmed, this event would feature the third-generation Apple Wtach, the Apple TV 4K and the undisputed king, the iPhone X.
So, first, and to get right to the point, they announced the new features of Apple Watch with LTE connectivity. This announcement was made by CFO Jeff Williams after an exciting video of Apple Watch users in the share their experiences.

What's New in the Apple Watch Series 3

As a more important point unties the new connection 4G, which can be used independently and without the need for an iPhone for its operation. This feature will also improve the quality of calls made using the smartwatch.
In addition to taking the time to highlight the importance of LTE connectivity, Williams took other minutes to explain that the device will support Apple Music independently of the iPhone, allowing users to play 40 million songs from our wrist.
The Apple Watch also features a new dual processor with up to 70% faster performance and a new Apple W2 chip that is 50% more energy efficient for Bluetooth and WiFi. As for SIM technology, the Apple Watch Series 3 cell phone uses an electronic SIM to preserve space.

Applications for health

Apple Watch Apps for Health
No doubt, what makes the Apple Watch as a companion in our sports activities and monitor some aspects of our health is among its main features and for this reason, this new version incorporates a function to synchronize the clock with the gym equipment, and improve their ability to measure our daily activity.
It will also be able to give a warning when the user's heart can beat too fast and without exercise, so it will be easier to detect possible heart disease.


Although in hardware, this watch presents interesting changes, in design retains the same size as the Apple Watch Series 2 and is only distinguished by two sheets added in the back. However, this feature has as a positive part that all belts compatible with the previous clocks will now also be with the new device.

Price and availability

Availability Apple Watch Series 3
The price of the Apple Watch Series 3 will range from 399 euros for the version without 4G antenna and 499 for the version with connectivity. It can be booked from September 15 and will be available in stores from September 22nd.
Among other comments, during the presentation of the device, Tim Cook himself added that currently is the world's number one watch, beating the previous leader Rolex. Cook also highlighted 97% customer satisfaction and 50% growth in Apple Watch in the last quarter.
Of course, the Apple Watch has taken into account interesting elements to continue to compete at full speed in the market of wearables .. Do you have everything you expected? Share on the comments

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